Toyota Tacoma tops list of longest-lasting trucks

March 28th, 2017 by


When you invest in a vehicle, you want it to last. Sure, many will keep going at 200,000 miles with proper maintenance, but Toyota models have a knack for thriving well past the 200K mark, a fact proven by a recent study.

The automotive search engine and research website recently studied over 13 million vehicles to conclude that the Toyota Tacoma midsize pickup truck is the longest-lasting pickup on the road today. The average vehicle has about roughly 1.3 percent of its population above 200,000 miles. However, the Tacoma reaches an impressive 2.5 percent.

Toyota models always rank at the top of the list of the longest-lasting rides, with many of its vehicles exceeding 10 years of ownership. We invite you to visit the Elk Grove Toyota showroom to experience the quality craftsmanship of a new or used Toyota firsthand. You can also learn more about the latest Tacoma by watching the video review below:



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